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Thunder Fox - Dense Tipped Faux Fur

  • $13.00 AUD



PILE LENGTH: 40 - 55mm (approx. 2")

SIZES AVAILABLE: (via the drop down menu)

Fat 1/8 50cm x 35cm (20" x 14" ) 

Fat 1/4 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28" ) 

Fat 1/2 100cm x 70cm (40" x 28" )

Long 1/2 50cm x 140cm (20" x 55")

NEW SIZING Square METRE 100cm x 100cm (40" x 40")

Lineal METRE (off the roll) 100cm x 140cm (40" x 55")


The pile is very heavy, dense and silky with a lovely black tip that extends out to approx 50mm long. The base colour and backing on this fur are a stormy grey, extending out to a white top-pile that is finished with the black tipping.  We have included lots of photos outside in natural light, as well as a photo of a large piece of this fur thrown over our couch to show how it looks indoors. As always, if you require a very specific colour, please order a sample piece before purchasing a larger amount. 

I can see this fabric making absolutely stunning teddy bears, as well as wonderful pom poms, a great photography prop for newborn images, a stunning fluffy bedspread, throw rug, costume, fur suit, jacket, trim, doll wig and/or fantasy art dolls. 

The knit backing is a very good quality and only has minimal stretch. 

  (measurements listed are the minimum sizes for each option - sometimes you may end up with a little extra fabric, especially on the full meter option as the width from selvage to selvage varies) 


** If you have a custom size piece in mind or a bulk order enquiry, please don't hesitate in getting in contact with us for a price.

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